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Does Eating Red Meat Increase the Risk of Cancer?

Posted on the 02 April 2014 by Health_news

Does eating red meat increase the risk of cancer?

Red Meat is the meat of red color which is high in minerals, iron, creatine and B-Vitamins. The consumption of red meat regularly has led to high mortality and the risk of some dangerous diseases. Red Meat belongs to the meat of some adult mammals like cows, sheep and horses, duck and goose. Meat of some mammals does not appear red. The red color is actually the percentage of myoglobin in the meat.

The Research has proved that the red meat has been the cause of some of the cancers. Though the benefits of the red meat are higher over the white meat, it can’t be denied that the over consumption of the red meat has caused the cancer. The data that have been gathered recently have shown a co-relation between the colorectal consumption and the red meat. People who have eaten processed red meat like sausages, bacon, ham, ham, hot dogs and bologna have the risk of this type of cancer.  People who ate red meat, more than 8 ounces a day are at higher risk of this cancer. The research was done with the people of age group 50 and 74 who were eating the red meat for a long time had a high risk of colon cancer in the lower colon and rectum. People who ate the fish and poultry were quite safe as compared to red meat lovers.

Different scientists and researcher have different data that is quite surprising. The investigation was done in England, where people volunteered and ate the diet of three different types, red meat, vegetarian and the third diet were red meat and dietary fiber. After 21 days the stools of all the people were tested where the people who consumed red meat had high levels of N-nitroso compounds in the stools. These are potentially cancer causing chemicals. The vegetarian diet followers had very low levels of these chemicals and the volunteers who tried both the red meat and fiber meals had intermediate amounts of these chemicals. Red meat damages the health and can cause many health problems which can lead to serious life threatening diseases if ignored. Genetic damage, arthritis, one loss, diabetes, hypertension, breast cancer, lymphoma, prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases can be caused due to the high consumption of red meat.

People who eat red meat should not give up eating red meat, but they have to control the consumption.  A person eating a Balanced diet may have a lower risk of life threatening diseases. The consumption of vegetable will have a great effect on the body along with the fresh fruits. People who consume more red meat also tend to be very slow. Due to the high saturated fat in the meat, these people become less active. There has been a higher rate of smoking and alcohol that relate closely with mortality.

Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetable, limited consumption of red meat, exercise, well balanced meal, no smoking and alcohol and regular lifestyle will lower the chances of any diseases.

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