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DOCTOR WHO: The Cost of Making a Real Dalek

Posted on the 05 February 2015 by Geekasms @geekasms

Have you ever wanted to build your own Dalek?  Maybe an ex-wife or ex-in-law you’d like to see exterminated?  Just me? Hmmm…..awkward….

Anyway, the fine folks over at Horror Channel have put in all the hard work to break down how much it would take to build a full blown Dalek.  Of course with it being Doctor Who and all, the prices are in pounds, however, I’ve broken down the final cost for us American folks, and it looks like the total cost will run approximately $18,279,922,533.32!!  So start saving those tax returns!!  I just have a little under 18.3 billion to go!!  Just call me the Bluegrass Davros!!


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