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DOCTOR WHO – Second LEGO Set Reaches Review Stage on Cuusoo Site!

Posted on the 11 April 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

I don’t think there’s any doubt that Whovians have grabbed the attention of the powers that be up in LEGO land.  Less than a month since the first set reached the review stage in two weeks, another Doctor Who set has received the required 10,000 votes to reach the review stage on the Cuusoo site.  Really, if you think about it, that’s crazy!

The set concept came from Andrew Clark, and was called Doctor Who and Companions.  Not only does it come with a TARDIS interior, but there are options for different doctors and their companions, including Capaldi and Clara!

thumb640x360 (1)

For this set, the set includes:

Tardis, exterior / interior walls. 
(LEGO if you don’t want to use the frame and “glass” part of my Tardis design that’s ok)
Interior console ( LEGO can choose if they want the full, console and tilt damage )
street/Interior base.
K9 (18 parts)
1 Dalek red, or gray (25 parts) (assuming Lego can get the license)
Minifigs (most have dual printed face, happy and shocked )
1 and possibly 2 Doctors. An older and more recent Doctor, so older and younger fans have a Doctor.
For the more recent Doctor, I propose Tennant, or maybe Capaldi, who is the latest incarnation. For the other I propose the 4th Doctor Tom Baker, and possibly Sara Jane as his companion. I am open for LEGO to choose the Doctor/s
2 Companions (Rose Tyler if Tennant is chosen, or Clara Oswald if Capaldi is chosen.
(Possiblility of 1) Weeping Angel (Face printed on both sides)
(Possiblility of 1) Cyberman 
If LEGO likes the idea, a sound brick for the iconic Tardis sound.
Due to the nature of the set fans may buy 2 sets. One to have the Tardis on the street scene, and another to have the Tardis unfolded to become the inner walls placed next to console.
Total part count including Minifigs around 530 (less if just the top of the console is chosen)
LEGO I will supply you with the Ldd file. If you choose this I am open to you, and fans choosing which Doctor/s. And choosing if you want only certain parts of the design/ Minifigures.

On top of the description and mock ups, there even took the time to throw together a video, which shows how the TARDIS would work, and even has the TARDIS sitting on Totters Ln!


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I originally said I wasn’t expecting a set until 2015, but with this overwhelming interest in the Doctor Who LEGO set, I’m thinking this might be put on the fast track, or at least the faster track, and I don’t know about you, but all these Cuusoo sets just makes me what Doctor Who LEGO sets that much more!!  ARGH!!

If you want to check out a few more photos and get some more info, you can check out Andrew’s website.

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