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Do You Tell People Sarcastically That Your a Dumb? Then Get Smarter b**** Read This!

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless

So somebody holding intelligent conversation or someone uses too many words that Jane Austen use to use in her debut novels. Most of the time the people who project a intelligent life style which projects a voice of sweaters and golf games. Most of these people are just douchebags or assholes. But for the other smart people that you tell yourself, “oh my god I’m so dumb when I talk around all the smart people we I feel like a loser.” I’m not going to say what you think I am the whole spiel conversation about stopping the verbal admittance of your stupidity. At least you’re smart enough to still know that you need to be smarter and you are lost for words. Doesn’t take a college degree, or a book, are learning a new language to be a smart b**** and whenever you see a title that has the words smart or dumb ass or list with a blog post of mine make sure to read it the link below takes 4 minutes a smartphone and Android service and listening. Congratulations you’re already a smarter person than you were yesterday period And don’t worry about forgetting the s*** these guys read the contents of the link are seasoned actors so is in the normal sounding articles to some on the surface deep down there is a kind of subliminal intoxicating entity that says listen up b**** and then you want to listen. Exactly is counteracts the laziness or feeling sociated with starting a brand new life by cracking open all these books or project style procrastination. So it’s entertaining as well so it fits the lazy need is well because you don’t even have to f****** read. Now this free application is available on your Android device and if you are using an Apple iPhone I suggest as your first task as a smart individual, to get a android phone. I have used the iphone4 and the iPhone 5 and now that I’m on Android I’ve learned 1 thing I was a dumbass for not using Android. PS I’ve mother f****** love the s*** out of this links application source. These guys are amazing and I could go on and on so here it is smart b**** inside activate now and if you listen to about 20 of these you be able to knock the socks off Carlton wannabes who lease there Mercedes and are really just in need of therapy phrase copying soap opera motherfuckers. Lastly you can be yourself what without knowing things but the reason we’re really doing this is because when you are smarter your brain set of chemicals that say I feel good this is easy this is fun I love feeling free and happy for free! So this is all for you nobody else you don’t have to say that you have to prove yourself or any of that b******* individuality missing conceptual social disease Manifesto. For you out there her about to still not click on the link the average listening time is 4 minutes at the longest and I give you 1 minute listening and you’ll finish the rest. Yes if you took the time to read this so far and still are too lazy to click on the link then you’re not stupid you’re f****** insane or drunk. Come back when you’re sober it’s okay to be drunk but you’re just feel like more s*** if you listen to this drunk because then you won’t remember it who remembers ways in which they still learn today wild drunk? UMANO, If the owners or respected actors who are involved with this UMANO (LINK below) are reading, “you guys are the m************ s*** I love you love you love you. And by the way, I have been contemplating putting out a, going to hell going to heaven, list for web applications and you guys are f****** for sure going to be on the list 4 VIP 2 heaven 4 app after life.


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