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Do You Suffer from Low Self Esteem? People Skills

By Shawnaschuh
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As I typed this title: Do you suffer from low self esteem – two things occurred to me – is suffer the right word when describing self esteem and is the word low even applicable with self esteem?

Doesn’t the word esteem mean high? According to the Encarta Dictionary it does – esteem means high regard – so how can a person have low high regard? And does anyone really suffer from low high regard?

So esteem – which means to have high regard for someone or something – and in this case yourself – is a good thing – animals seem to have it – why not us?

In reality we each hold ourselves in high regard – just like the animals – we esteem ourselves because it’s who we are, what we have – the vessel we’re traveling this life journey in –

So today – if you feel a bit down, overweight, under rested, not your best – maybe all you need is to remember – it’s you – totally you – to love or hate, treat well or abuse – and since no one can do this for you – why not pick the good –  why not hold yourself in high regard – you are all you have after all.

So let’s take a lesson from the animals and simply be today – anyway we are – and know that it’s enough – we aren’t suffering, we have everything we need – and it’s a matter of remembering that fact that will help us most on a down day.

Remember, you create your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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