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Do You Like Cereal?

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

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I grew up eating cereal most mornings. I think it’s because it’s so quick, my mom needed all the help she could get in the mornings when I needed to be at school by 7am for band practice.

Do you want to know a secret??

I really HATE cereal!

I don’t know what the deal was, but this morning I walked into the kitchen and saw my brother eating a bowl and I simply had to have a bowl of cereal! The strangeness!


The reasons why I (strongly) dislike cereal

  1. There is always milk left over and I really don’t like drinking straight milk
  2. The cereal gets all mushy before I can finish the bowl… it’s a texture thing.
  3. Most cereal doesn’t taste very flavorful
  4. usually it’s too sweet
  5. I would rather eat it plain than douse it in milk
  6. It’s usually a lot of calories for not even a cup… a cup is really really small!

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What breakfast food do you (strongly) dislike? And I need the reason

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