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Do You Know Small Craft Advisor?

By Sailingguide

Small Craft Advisor magazine is much beloved among its readers - who may be virtually anyone who loves small sailboats and craft that are rowed or paddled. It's full of all kinds of useful stuff for boaters, including do-it-yourself projects and boat reviews and articles about great places for boating, but in the winter its reader-contributed adventure narratives simply make great armchair reading. This is a "real" side of boating you seldom see in those newsstand glossies that so often seem written by marketing departments. This morning I was reading a piece by a 70-year-old woman with a pacemaker and two hip implants who sails her tiny craft alone and loves every minute of it - what a reminder of things that matter and an inspiration! She shares how she's improved her boat to make her soloing safer. Then I read a story about a Scotsman who sailed his little boat 51 days straight and has much to share about his perceptions of time and history gained on his voyaging. Don't know Small Craft Advisor? Check it out!

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