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Do Not Sit On Window Sill Of World’s 2nd Tallest Building, Especially If Your Head Is Not Connected To Your Body!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Below is a photo of a warning posted on the window sills of Taipei 101, the world’s second tallest building located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Tapei 101

As you can see from the instructions in the images, if your head is not screwed on tightly, (which often leads to bad decisions, and your head floating above your body), it would be a bad idea to sit or stand on a window sill many storeys above the ground.

It also appears, based on our interpretation of the image on the left, to be especially bad to stand on a sill if you are in a potato sack race.

3 Additional Bad Places To Have A Potato Sack Race

1. At the Winter Olympics (on a luge track).

2. On a treadmill (there will be no winners unless someone has a video camera, and submits video of the race to America’s Funniest Home Videos)

3. On the moon. First, you will have a problem with gravity causing you to bounce off the moon, hurling into outer space in your potato sack. Second, you will have a bigger problem if your head is not affixed to your body, and travels in a different direction. Despite your daredevil ways and dreams of a commercial space program, just don’t do it, Sir Richard Branson!

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