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Do I Wish My Ex A Happy Birthday?

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless

Should You Acknowledge A Celebration Based On Another Year Your Ex Is Alive?

Question: I dated my best friend, and then he screwed me completely over. I really can’t even think about him without being disgusted. But isn’t it just common courtesy to wish him a happy birthday? I don’t want to be the classless or vengeful victim. What about a text? What do you think? This is driving me insane!

My Advice: Without stating the obvious reasons why, it’s his birthday. Not his inauguration, trial, or funeral. You have more business riding a kids mechanical 50 cent horse in the grocery store than contacting this fool.

Another year of his existence, should not be time for you to acknowledge a celebration that most likely your not invited to attend. Also, another year on earth means that someone else might fall prey to his little bitch antics and that is not a good year for that girl. Happy F-ing birthday my ass!

No text, post card, call, letter, e-card, email, tweet, shout out, no nothing!

OK look.

You are obviously feeling very conflicted by this and playing mental pro’s and con’s like it’s the battle of your life. The answer is no. Hell No! I Quote:

“Do Not Tell your ex-boyfriend/jerk/acquaintance/I might one day call when I am drunk (might not apply) Happy F-ing B-day.”

He Is All Grown Up.

If you are truly worried about the aftermath of not wishing him happy birthday (or your ex talking or mentioning the “no birthday message”) then stop! Get him out of your life. You don’t have to be mean, outlandish, or trashy by simply not acknowledging him on his vast achievement of yet another year of manly triumph.

He will be fine. He has been thinking about what he is going to have for dinner more than what you are contemplating right now. I am not saying he forgot you entirely, he is just not putting any time and effort into what you think or feel while your doing the opposite. Sound familiar?

Just don’t do it.

Happy Birthday.

You deserve a party more than he does.

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