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Do I Really Have To Think Like A Man?

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Do I Really Have To Think Like A Man?

Like millions of other women, when the book Act like a Lady, Think like a Man hit the book shelf, I eagerly purchased me a copy to see what the comedian turned relationship expert had to say. I read the entire book and thought that he made some valid points about men and some of the things to look out for. I didn’t use the book as a road map to dating and having success in the relationship department, nor did I highlight specific points like I was studying to pass some type of test. I simply read the book and put it away with the other books that I’ve read over the past few years. This weekend I had a chance to check out the new movie think like a Man that has topped the box office since its release on April 20th. I found the movie to be entertaining and funny and much of that is due to comedian Kevin Hart. I didn’t go to the movie theater expecting to learn some type of life lesson about men, I went to be entertained.

In the book, it mentioned that a woman should wait 90 days before sleeping with a man. This was one of the more controversial requirements that he noted in the book. It is described as being some form of probation period to determine if he’s worthy. I think that most women already know that giving it up on the first date pretty much seals your fate. You should get to know someone and exactly what your place is in their life before sex is considered. However, you won’t have to wait 90 days to find out and if you do, there’s no guarantee that the man will be neither faithful nor does it solidify that he was telling the truth about his intentions with you. As a woman with male platonic friends, I can tell you that a man will say almost anything to have sex. It’s up to you to decide when the time is right or if they’re worthy. The idea is to move beyond physical attraction and some people never progress beyond that point. The book covered everything from standards to asking the right questions, baby momma drama to introducing men to your kids. It basically covered every situation we would come across in our quest to find a worthy mate. The one point that stuck out to me in the whole book that I personally know to be true is, if a person is not happy with themselves they cannot possibly know how to make someone else happy. You need to have your shit together before you consider committing to anyone. People who are lost cannot adequately be in a relationship with someone. This applies to everyone, not just men.

Overall, the movie and the book were entertaining and did provide insight and a good laugh. I don’t live my life based off of self help books. I don’t take notes and pull out a list of questions to ask someone when I meet them. I don’t make strategic plans to get them to do what I want and I don’t sit around memorizing paragraph after paragraph of a book to find out if I’m doing the right thing. The men who are described in the movie include the player, the dreamer, the mama’s boy, and the commitment challenged. These are issues that would be highly recognizable after a few dates or a few conversations. In my opinion, you don’t have to think like a man to get a man; you only need to think like a woman with some common sense. You will be able to tell sooner rather than later whether or not someone is right for you. Put the book down, love yourself, and when the perfect mate comes along you’ll know and you won’t need a book to tell you a damn thing♥



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