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Dizzily Delighted

By Sofiaessen

Dizzily DelightedI’m dizzy with delight. I keep clicking back and forthbetween Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Change of Pace is now available on bothwebsites. I can hear myself say it, see the words in front of me as I’m typingthem now, but I can’t quite believe it… hence all the clicking back and forth. Ihave to check every few minutes to make sure I didn’t imagine seeing my bookthere.
When the first Reader Review popped up on Amazon, I let outa triumphant shout so loud it must surely have woken the dead in every gravefrom Crete to Athens. A short while later, I shocked a herd of goats passing bymy house with yet another jubilant holler as a review appeared on Barnes &Noble. Yes, goat herds frequently pass by my house. In Crete, goats happen.   
Change of Pace was released at 6:25 AM yesterday. It’s now36 hours and 3 reviews later, and I’m a very happy author. I'm an author! The next time I start to think I'm dreaming again, I'm going to click HERE. You can feel free to click too!  

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