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DIY Wall Art

By Corie @DesignDNAblog

There was a huge sale on canvases {at Hobby Lobby}. Of course I took advantage!  They sat naked until a recent idea came to me.  

DIY Wall ArtSkill level: Moderate to Easy...
...if you can use a glue gun

_________________________________________________________________Supplies:Yarn, book pages, hot glue, acrylic paint (I used 3-4 colors), spray paint and Mod Podge.Step 1: Wrap yarn around the blank canvas in a grid like pattern - random and uneven (I thought I would glue the yarn down with paint dyed Mod Podge, however, it did not adhere to the canvas at all.  Hot glue did the trick!) DIY Wall Art 
Step 2:  Glue (Mod Podge) book pages atop the yarn and canvas to build a sturdy base.DIY Wall Art
Step 3:I don't have a picture of the next step - I used green spray paint to cover the book page covered canvas.Step 4:Again, no picture - I strung hot glue vertically and horizontally...for what seemed like a lifetime.  
Layers and layers of hot glue.Step 5:I squeezed acrylic paint (color # 1) down the front of the canvas. I let the paint drip freely and dry outside.DIY Wall ArtDIY Wall ArtStep 6:  I dripped more acrylic paint down the front.DIY Wall Art
Step 7:  I goofed up a bit as the paint squirted out more then I would have liked (above).  Fix mistakes with the original spray paint color :)
I dripped white acrylic down the front - I ended up hating this layer and later toned it down with the original spray paint base color.
DIY Wall Art  DIY Wall Art
 DIY Wall Art
Step 8:  I started to like what I was seeing but felt it was lacking.  Using book pages, I created a few different flower shaped templates ... ...using the templates, I made several book page cut outs. DIY Wall ArtAlternating the shapes, i layered the pages and stapled the middle to create these recycled flowers......then outlined the petals with blue paint. DIY Wall Art

 Step 9:I completed three paper flowers and glued them to the middle of the canvas.  The End.
DIY Wall Art

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