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DIY - The Bored Jar

By Katieemay @katieemay1
DIY - The Bored Jar
When it comes to summer, the endless days of having nothing to do can often lead you to constantly be saying, or thinking, I'm bored. You can't help it but sometimes you just don't have a clue what to do. As I was scowering the internet last night, I found this really cool, fun and easy DIY called the Bored Jar where you fill a jar with pieces of paper with things to do on.
It's a really simple DIY and you don't need many things either! A Jar, some foam board (anything to decorate the jar...doesn't have to be foam board), string, glue, paper and pens and a whole load of ideas.
DIY - The Bored JarDIY - The Bored JarDIY - The Bored JarDIY - The Bored JarDIY - The Bored JarDIY - The Bored JarDIY - The Bored JarA few ideas to get you started...
Build a blanket FortHave a movie dayRead a bookMake a videoWrite a chapter of a bookTake your pet for a walk...the list is endless really...
So there you have it! A quick and fun way to have a bored free holiday. Comment below with ideas you might put in your jars!
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