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Half Term Happenings

By Katieemay @katieemay1
Half Term Happenings
Half term came as a sigh of relief- a week off after a hectic few weeks filled with lots of work and general stressiness. Whilst it was a week off, I ended up doing a lot of things and getting that to do list shorter and shorter! Here's what I got up to...
MondayLiving in Cumbria means that I'm right next to the Lake District so, along with mom and dad, I went into the lakes and went to Lakeland which, if you don't know, is the greatest shop ever filled with household gadgets and things you didn't even know you needed! Like an ice cream maker and the £1000 coffee machine - these are must haves, are they not? That night, I went with my friend Bethany to see the National Theatre Live's Coriolanus which you can read all about here
TuesdayToday was my 'work' day. Basically, I wrote a 1,892 word geography essay on seismic activity and some notes. That night I went to my actual work to do some washing up for 4 hours. Not the most fun of days however it was a very practical and profitable day. 
WednesdayAh, Brits day. To be honest, I wasn't overly thrilled by the Brits this year - I thought it was a bit flat and monotonous and very similar to the past few years. However, I was very pleased that the Artic Monkeys and Bastille were in the winners list! I didn't spend the day just idolising over the Brits though no no, I also went shopping and got some things for my room. I'm going for a bit of a Parisian feel so I got some cute little boxes (not pictured). I also decided to try a brand of make up I hadn't used, MUA, and so far I am really loving it! As well as buying make up and boxes, I ended up in waterstone's and couldn't help but take up the buy one get one half price offer and bought 2 new books; Eleanor & Park and The Spectacular Now. 
ThursdayThis was another 'work' day where I wrote up notes and then went to do a five hour shift serving people burgers, even though it was curry night. I know, I was as confused as you probably are. 
FridayI went to Blackpool! My mom booked us a weekend break here, all inclusive, and it was so good! We went to the Ballroom and had afternoon tea, which was yummy, and watched some amazing dancers. I wish I could Ballroom's one of the many things on my to do list! 
SaturdayDay 2 of the Blackpool mini break. We headed to Primark and I got the most amazing driving coat in a royal blue color - I love it! I also nabbed 3 of the new Model's Own Hyper Gel Nail Polish which I love! Because the rugby was on, me and mom left dad in the hotel and went for a walk down the prom and around Blackpool. It was really nice, even if the wind did get up! 
SundayHome time and the end of half term :( On our way home, we stopped off at Freeport, which is the most rubbish shopping place in the world however they do have a Cadbury's shop there where my dad bought over a kilo of chocolate...I'm not complaining! 
So that was my week! Till next time
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