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DIY T Shirt Charm Bracelet Tutorial

By Pinkwhen @pinkwhen
Picture DIY TShirt Charm Bracelet Tutorial PictureDIY T Shirt Charm Bracelet Supplies DIY T Shirt Charm Bracelet Tutorial...one of my favorites! You can never have too many bracelets, and my daughter LOVES to stack these up.  Let's get going!
Grab your supplies from your local craft store:
knit jersey T shirt scraps (from your closet)
satin rattail cord
charms of your choice
(2) 1/2" x 1/8" disk neodymium magnets for each bracelet
                                                                   hair band
                                                                   hot glue gun
PictureSeparate your rattail cord and knit into 3 strands
1.  Cut your knit jersey T Shirt lengths to be about 1 inch wide by 12 inches long.  
2.  Cut your satin rattail cord to 10 inches long
3.  Attach your hair band to the strands for your bracelet
4.  Separate your strands, one knit jersey/one rattail cord into three sections 
PictureBraid your strands together
Start braiding your strands.  (It makes things easy if you place a book or something heavy on top of the starting point.)
PictureAdd your charm to the satin rattail cord
When you have accomplished about half of your braid, take the charm of your choice and add that to the satin rattail cord. 
PictureAlmost finished T Shirt Charm bracelet
When you are done braiding, your bracelet should look something like this...
Picture1/2" x 1/8" disk neodymium magnets X 2
Grab those pesky magnets.
(I call them pesky because they drove me crazy today, and that could be a whole other blog post all by itself.)
PictureHot glue magnet to the end of your bracelet I did not take a picture of this part, but pinch the end of your braid and cut it off the remaining strands to make them even, then add glue to the magnet while it is flat on your work station, once you have added the glue to the magnet, place the ends of the bracelet onto the magnet.
I think made an additional small bead of glue around the bottom of the bracelet cord after it was attached just to give it extra staying power.   Then so the same to the other end.
PictureDIY T Shirt Charm Bracelet Tutorial
There you have it!  Simple, easy, and fun to do with your little one.
 Just make sure you are controlling the glue gun! 
What do you think of this tutorial?  Let me know by leaving a comment! You can also follow me here and here!

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