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DIY Shiny Hair - Special Post from Eye Candy by Candy Martin

By Pinkwhen @pinkwhen
Picture PictureCandy Martin Here is a great tutorial on how to create that movie star shiny hair that you see on all the TV shows and in all of the magazines.  Shiny hair radiates healthiness, and you too can create that same look.  Here is how to DIY and Create Shiny Hair:
1) Add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to 1cup of water. 
Pour over cleansed, conditioned hair and wait five minutes 
before rinsing. The acid removes mineral buildup.
2) Remove as much water from shampooed hair before 
applying conditioner and leave in hair for a minimum of 2
minutes. All conditioners need at least 2 minutes to work
3) Go easy on the hot tools!! Skip them as often as 
possible. Blow dryers heat up to 250 degrees and flatirons
can get up to 450 degrees. To give you an idea of how hot 
that is water boils at 212 degrees. Yikes! I know we all 
need our hot tools, just suggesting to cut back to keep 
your locks hydrated and less damaged which will boost 
your hairs shine.
4) A dab of hair serum is all you need for a lot of shine. 
Argan oil has been the "go to" these last few years, which
I'm a fan. Try almond or coconut oil as a hydrating 
5) The darker the hair, the blunter the cut, the shinier your 
hair will be.
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