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DIY Seashell Earrings

By Pinkwhen @pinkwhen

Make Your Own Seashell Earrings

Picture Seashell Earrings Not too long ago we had a little family beach vacation.  As we strolled the beaches and had the water lap around our toes, the kiddos and I decided we would search for some pretty seashells.  It's so much fun finding different colors and sizes.  Being a little crafty, I decided to save some of these seashells and make some fun jewelry projects.  You might remember me making this little seashell necklace a couple of weeks ago.  For the DIY seashell earrings you are going to need just a few little supplies:
  • small seashells (cleaned in warm soupy water, but don't soak or they will be brittle)
  • jump rings
  • small pliers
  • drill and small drill bit
  • base earrings for shells

Take your drill and insert your small drill bit into the drill.  You are going to want to do this on a scrap piece of wood, or something you don't mind having a hole in it when you are done! Make sure to practice on a few pieces…out of the 20 I did, I bet I went thru too fast and broke 5 of them.  The ket is to apply gentle pressure and drill at a medium speed.
Once you have your hole in place, add your jump ring to the seashell.  You will need your pliers to attach these easier.  Picture Supplies Once you have your seashells finished, go ahead and grab your base earrings.  I found mine at the craft store during a half off sale and paid $0.99 for them.   Picture Earring base Use your small pliers again and attach a second jump ring to connect the seashells to the base, and you are all done!  A fun quick craft, and now I have the beach with me anytime I want.  Make sure you save those shells!!  Picture Seashell Earrings Complete

DIY Seashell Earring Tutorial

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