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DIY Playgym for Parakeet Or Similar Birds

By Craftideas
DIY Playgym for Parakeet or similar birds
We got a Parakeet in the month of Feb this year. It took a lot of convincing from my husband and my daughter to finally get one for our home. I was not sure if I will be able to take care of a bird. Both my husband and daughter are pet lovers. So after an Aquarium finally we had a Parakeet for our house. My daughter has lovingly named her Rainbow as at that time she recently discovered the beauty of Rainbow and she found this bird as beautiful and colorful as Rainbow. So, now she is Rainbow and we are not allowed to say that she is a bird. She is a part of our family and her name is Rainbow. My daughter can say her Birdie though from time to time.
We do keep Rainbow outside her cage for quite a while, she stays in her cage also for food and sleep.
We have been planning on buying a play gym kind of set up for her from long. We have added lot of toys but were not happy with the play gym kits which were available in the pet shops. More so because whatever we saw we thought we can make better than that ourselves and that too at a fraction of price. Well not so sure of the price part but, we took the plunge. The idea of making the play gym on or own was very exciting to both my daughter and crafty hubby (who hardly gets a chance to be crafty). This weekend we took the plunge and voila the colorful Play Gym is ready.
Wood tray
Wood dowels various sizes
Wood craft ready to paint house
Wood craft ready to paint Ladder
Acrylic Paint non-toxic
Wood glue
Wooden beads and string
Ready made Bird toys like mirror with bells etc.
Paint brushes
I am really happy with the result and so far this is the biggest wood craft project we ever did.It is a great example of a Family craft where you can involve a 3 year old too.
DIY Playgym for Parakeet or similar birds
She did most of the painting, esp the bird house and the ladder.I have never seen so excited or involved for any craft as such.
DIY Playgym for Parakeet or similar birds
The hard work paid off when our Rainbow also enjoyed and explored the Parakeet Play Gym.
Tips: All the wood craft ready to paint pieces were bought from Michaels and Joann.
It took a while to find non-toxic acrylic paint, but it is important to get this as it will be used by Parakeet. Other kinds might be harmful to the bird.
Be careful about using non-toxic glue too.

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