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DIY Paper Doll Costume

By Tampster1 @tampster1
DIY Paper Doll Costume DIY Paper Doll CostumeDIY Paper Doll CostumeThis is my Halloween Paper doll Costume this year. It will be completed with anime doll makeup and a big red buffon wig.  This is an easy no sew, last minute Halloween costume idea. Here is how mine came together.  Supplies;  2 pieces of poster board. This color choice will all depend on your outfit. I chose white as I knew I would be painting it.   pencil   scissors   a formfitting outfit you already own   sharpie or other permanent marker   paint or decorative tapes to color in designs   stapler and staples  elastic   straight edge 1.  Go searching for outfit inspiration, just don't go too long or too fancy. It is was easier walking in a two piece outfit above the knee than a long dress. This costume does not bend very well. Also you are going to be coloring this in so the pattern should be something your comfortable working with.   2. Lay out an outfit you already own on the poster board to get your size parameters. Lightly trace around your existing outfit with pencil and remove. Now construct your paper doll outfit within the parameters you just established.  3. Remember to add tabs using your straight edge,  4. Now color or paint in your pattern and design.   5. Go back and outline your dress and tabs in sharpie.  6. Cut out your dress/ outfit. 6. Take your elastic and attach 1 piece around the waist of your skirt. so it can be slipped on and off. Remember to leave a little more wiggle room if it is going to be going over your winter gear. And attach 2 more pieces of elastic from each shoulder to just under the underarms. So it fits like your putting your jacket on backwards,  7.  Try on, add makeup, a wig and a paper accessory and you are done.  Ill make sure I get a picture on Halloween with makeup and do an update. I hope this inspires you to try one out too.   Remember sharing is caring.   

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