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DIY Musical Vinyl Table Names

By Claire

On a whim I bought 10 7″ vinyls from eBay this week for the bargainous price of 99p with the view of somehow turning them into table names.DIY Musical Vinyl Table Names I’ve always wanted names above simple table numbers as I thought we could turn names into another personal touch. After much discussion we decided to use songs which are relevant to us, and have marked a moment in our relationship, for instance “In the morning” by Razorlight as it as the first song we danced to the night we met, and “Dreams” by The Cranberries as it was played the night we got engaged.

During a lull at work I came across some brown wrapping paper, and lazily cut out a circle to fit the centre of a vinyl which I had in my bag (my bag is full of all sorts of rubbish- I have no idea why I happened to carry one to work, there certainly isn’t a casual record player for a quick disco in the print factory).

DIY Musical Vinyl Table Names

I liked how it looked and cut 20 out, for each side of the 10 records, with a view to fit them on each side like this:

DIY Musical Vinyl Table Names

When I got home I got my trusty alphabet stamps and typewriter our and finished the front with the song name and artist, and using the typewriter I found some fitting quotes on love for the back of each table name.

DIY Musical Vinyl Table Names

Finally I stuck the covers to each record (making sure the writing was the right way up on each side):

DIY Musical Vinyl Table Names

Yes, one of our tables is 'No Limits' by 2 Unlimited..and we LOVE it!

They’re going to be supported by wires so they are held within and above the flowers on the tables in a sort of make-shift card holder type of way. These were a bit fiddly but so worth it! I want to collect them afterwards and make some sort of display in our home on the wall, they are our favourite songs after all, I’m sure we’ll find something arty to do with them.

Let me know what you think!

Sally xx

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