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DIY Makeup Storage

By Bambileigh

>insert apologies about being absent for so long here<

I’m pretty proud of myself you guys! I actually did this DIY about 3 weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to do a post about it for ages – sorry! …again.

I used to store all my makeup in this drawer contraption, but I’ve been buying an awful, some may say uneccessary, amount of makeup lately and it wouldn’t all fit in here, so I went on a googling spree! However, all the makeup storage solutions I saw were way over my budget, and the majority of them all took up a considerable amount of counter space.

For those that don’t know me, I like stuff. I never like throwing stuff away, so theres always things cluttering drawers, wardrobes and counter spaces in my room. With this in mind, I decided to make my own in-drawer makeup storage!

So, I got a couple of these boxes (they’re slightly smaller than your average shoe box) and used the main box as my container section and cut the lid up to form compartments. Luckily two of these babies fit nicely in my drawer so half the work was already done for me!

I wrapped all the areas that you’d be able to see in a cute owl print wrapping paper and stuck the divider pieces in with tape, but I’d of used a glue gun if I had one so it was more sturdy.

I’ve got my powders, blush and bronzers in the thinner side section, and then my primers, concealers, foundations and tints in the larger section. It’s slightly worrying to think that this photo was taken not even a month ago and things are starting to get pretty cramped already!

I got the little plastic tray from my local pound store, which has setting spray, eyebrow products and the likes in. (it can just be lifted off when I need something underneath) Then in the smaller compartments in the second box I have eyeliners/eyeshadow sticks and then mascaras. The larger sections contain single eyeshadows/pigments and lip products!
And as you can see I have plenty of room at the side for eyeshadow palettes and such – I will point out that my drawers are pretty deep!


I also needed a better way to store cotton buds/pads, so I picked up these plastic jars from a homeware store. (the large was £1 and the small ones came in a pack of three for £1)

I’m not too crazy on the red lids though. I was originally looking for glass jars with coloured lids, preferably pink, but these will do until I can find the ones I want!

I hope you guys like my new storage! I love seeing how people store they’re stuff so hopefully this gave you a bit of inspiration!

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