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DIY - Makeup Remover

By Mollylouise
Have you just run out of makeup remover, don't want to spend money on high street products which last you a week or two at prices of a fiver? I have found a way to create a makeup remover with only 3 basic ingredients which every household should have.
DIY - Makeup Remover What you need
    DIY - Makeup Remover
  • Baby Shampoo - ideally Johnson's for guaranteed 'no more tears' unlike some brands (Loréal Kids, you 90s/00s kids get what I mean.)
  • Empty makeup remover bottle or any travel bottle
  • Baby Oil - ideally Johnson's for the same reasoning.
Sorry for the rubbishy photo since I couldn't be bothered to clean the bottle from the previous batch I made to trial the concotion. Add 2 tea spoons or more depending on the type of makeup you want to remove. 2 being for light products such as the general makeup types. 3 for waterproof makeup since that can take forever to wash out and I mean it literally, not good when you're rushing in the evening because you want sleep. For makeup of a thicker consistency like stage makeup (facepaint) I wouldn't recommend this remover but if you still want to try I would use 4 - 5 teaspoons of oil to guarantee removal power
DIY - Makeup RemoverAdd the same amount of baby shampoo as the oil for general makeup but half the amount for a harder textures as you don't want the product to get too bubbly and to add to more than the oil content so watch out.
DIY - Makeup RemoverFill the rest of the bottle up with water, and shake it, shake it out. There you have it a fairly cheap makeup remover. Good for the skin softness. The products can be reused after purchase to remake of as a brush cleaner/cleanser.

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