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DIY Lemon and Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1

DIY Lemon and Coconut Oil Sugar scrub

Have you started using Coconut Oil yet? If not you have to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon. It’s so good for your body, inside and out.  I keep one near my kitchen sink to banish stinky hands from chopping onions or garlic and I keep a stash to give as gifts to my family and friends. It’s super moisturizing and it smells so lemony fresh.

Here’s What You’ll Need

Coconut Oil: I used Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Oil but any brand is ok.


Lemon Essential Oil: Found at Your Local Health Food Store

4 oz. Mason Jars

If you plan to gift wrap your scrub you will also need:

Cellophane Bags from Michael’s

Wooden Spoons: I ordered mine from Amazon.

Twine or Baker’s Twine

Gift Tags

This recipe will fill 4 jars.

Here’s How You Do It

Place 1 cup of coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl and melt for about 45 seconds. Coconut Oil will be solid below 76 degrees.  If you live in a warmer climate your Coconut Oil may already be liquid in the jar so you don’t need to heat it up.

DIY Lemon and Coconut Sugar Scrub

Measure 2 cups of sugar into a bowl and slowly add your melted coconut oil. Mix until your sugar and coconut oil are combined. Your mixture should be more sugary than oily.


Next add about 40-50 drops of Lemon Essential Oil. I love using Lemon Oil because it is antibacterial and antifungal so it’s perfect for the kitchen. And it just smells so good! But if lemon is not your thing you can supplement any other citrus oil or even lavender.

Lemon Essential Oil

Spoon your Lemon And Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub into your mason jar and seal lid.

Lemon Sugar Scrub Tutorial from Chic California

For gifts, I like to wrap mine in a cellophane bag and attach a wooden spoon to use as a scoop with twine.

Lemon and Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub tutorial

Just add a tag for a perfectly giftable, deliciously lemony, and amazingly moisturizing scrub. You are going to fall in love with this scrub!

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