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DIY Files - Part I

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
Starting today, the blog will boast of a new series called the DIY (the DIY files from now on)
The first DIY starts with a Craft Idea to make a Paper Bouquet at Home. You would need these - 
DIY Files - Part I
  • Take colored paper and cut it in the shape of a flower you love. 
  • Add some glitter to this paper.
  • Punch in a hole at the center of the flower using the punching machine.
  • Take the bendable straw and poke it in the hole, with smaller side on front. 
  • Using the scissor, cut small streams out of the lower end of the straw and bend them to get them to lie down parallel with the paper
  • Make as many flowers as you like  and tie them up together with a ribbon 
Your homemade bouquet is ready - use it as a Mother's day surprise, or to brighten up a special day for anyone you love. In this era when all one craves from another is time, a gift on which genuine effort and thought has been spent is sure to be appreciated.

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