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DIY Fabric Bulletin Board from a Thrift Store Drawer

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1
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DIY Fabric Bulletin Board from a Thrift Store Drawer

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board from a thrift store drawerI am slowing but surely clearing out my stash of projects that I have piled up in my garage. I have some bigger furniture pieces left to refinish but I have lots of small projects to do too. I’ve had 2 random drawers from a thrift store in the pile for a long, long time. Like maybe almost 2 years. It was time to make something useful out of these.

thrift store drawer

Here is what the drawer looked like before. Uggh! But some friendly spiders found it to be a lovely home. So a quick eviction notice was served and the drawer was wiped down with vinegar and water. I painted the drawer inside and out with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Flour Sack mixed with Extra Bond. I lightly distressed the edges with sandpaper and I left the paint unsealed. I wanted it to have a really matte, slightly chalky finish.

line drawer with paper

Once the drawer was dry I made a quick template of the inside of the drawer using 4 sheets of scrap paper taped together.

cork board

I picked up a roll of cork board at Hobby Lobby.  Using my template I traced the outline with a pen and then I cut out the cork board.

2 layers of cork board

I did a quick push pin test and I realized that the cork board was a little too thin with just one layer to really get a push pin to hold in well. So I ended up doubling up on the cork board. I used a spray adhesive to glue the two layers together.

wrap fabric around cork

I used hot glue to attach the fabric to the cork. Make sure you wrap the fabric pretty snugly around the cork so that you don’t end up with any wrinkles when you flip it over. Finally,  I glued the cork and fabric into the drawer.

DIY fabric covered cork board from a thrift store drawer

I attached small D-ring hooks to the back of the drawer for hanging. How cute is that? You get a little shelf to display your pretties and a place to pin message or notes. These would be great in a kitchen or office. Or decor in a bedroom.

Cork Board Drawer

The cute “I’m So Fancy” printable I pinned to the bulletin board is from Bre at BrePurposed. You can get the I’m So Fancy Printable here.  And you can download the “Follow Your Arrow” printable from Jenn at My Fabuless Life here.

Fabric Cork Board

The next time you see some lonely drawers at a thrift store, bring them home and create your own bulletin board!


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