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DIY Beauty Products | #2

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
DIY Beauty Products | #2
DIY Beauty Products | #2   DIY Beauty Products | #2   Hola, All the way from Marbella this week!    It's part 2 of my handmade beauty products series - Woohoo! & today I bring to you the Pumpkin & Papaya nourishing face mask.   Both papaya and pumpkin are just two of the gorgeous tropical fruits that are oozing benefits not only to our health but to our skin. & this face mask is a perfect homemade recipe to make that combines these two yummy treats. Tropical fruit such as pineapple, mango, coconut and passion fruit are only some of the widely available selection on offer to us these days and make terrific homemade beauty products.   So, here are a few useful facts: The Papaya contains Vitamin A & C, Rich in Carotene, helps stop premature ageing, an anti-inflammatory, smoothing properties, a natural exfoliator & helps prevent acne. The Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, D, softens skin, Soothes sunburn, is great for hands & feet, reduces large pores & prevents oil build up.   Now we know the benefits, it's time to get messy!   + Peel and dice the papaya, removing all the seeds. & drain your pumpkin from its tin (you can use fresh pumpkin but tinned works just as well.   + Add the fruit & honey into a food processor & wiz to a smooth consistency. If you prefer to mix by hand (I do sometimes) that is perfectly fine.   Once smooth, add your brown sugar & mix in with a spoon until at a consistency you're happy with & enjoy your homemade face mask!   Caution! All skin types, particularly sensitive skin, should do a small patch test first to make sure no irritation is caused. Papain is a strong enzyme, which removes the dead skin cells. It is particularly high in unripe papaya so sensitive skin should only use ripe papaya. Anyone allergic to Latex should  also not use papaya due to the papain content. _______________________________________   So there you have it, another easy handmade treat, these make great gifts too around Christmas time. Just load your face mask into jars, label with cute stickers & ribbons. However because these masks are fresh you must keep them refrigerated. If in an air tight jar, they should last for around 2 weeks.   I hope you've enjoyed my handmade series. I may do a few more in the future, but until then, have a go at my recipes & let me know how you get on!   Bloglovin | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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