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Disney Husbands

By Bambileigh

Hi friends. It’s my day off as I’m writing this and I’m sitting eating peanut butter on toast (not on the slimming world plan!) and watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid, which got me thinking; A) would it be acceptable to eat nothing but PB on toast for all eternity, and B) which male Disney heroes would be good husbands?!
I was originally going to only pick from the Princes, but there aren’t that many princes and most of them I don’t really like – I’m looking at you, Charming. So I’m sure you can guess what’s coming can’t you ;)



Prince Eric – The Little Mermaid

Oh he’s so cute. I just wanna pinch his cheeks. He risks his life towards the beginning to save his dog – gotta love a guy that likes animals. Sure he seems a little shallow in places… I mean he nearly marrys another girl because Ariel can’t speak, but whatever. At least he makes the effort. And we know he’s a good Dad from The Little Mermaid II, so that’s a bonus too.


Kristoff – Frozen

Ahhh look at his little face! So cute! I’m suprised he’s not an official Disney prince… maybe he’ll be announced soon. I like the way he never forces his feelings on Ana during the movie and respects that she’s engaged to someone else, so he’s clearly caring. Plus we could ride around on Sven and go on sleigh rides. Oh, and he has a cool troll family.


John Smith – Pocahontas

John Smith is the main romantic interest in the first Pocahontas – why she didn’t like Kocoum is beyond me. He appears pretty funny throughout, even when he’s been captured and tied to a pole against his will awaiting death. He also has the perfect backstreet boy fringe, which he somehow pulls off perfectly. I don’t know why that makes a different but it does. Oh, and dat jaw doe.

Eugene/Flynn – Tangled

Eugene is hands down the funniest and sassiest animated male to date – he almost seems real. He comes across as quite sarcastic in the film and sarcasm is one of those weird traits I find amusing. I would question where the wedding ring came from though – do you have a receipt for that?


CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow – Pirates Of The Caribbean

It suddenly occured to me that POTC is a Disney production, so we may as well stop the post here and all agree that Sparrow wins. This is Johnny Depp at his finest ladies and gentlemen. He’d be a crappy husband, but he’d definitely be entertaining and you could just observe him all day. He’s glorious. I love him. Jack Sparrow wins. The end.


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