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Disgusting Things Men Do: It Was Everywhere!

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
ID 10049629 Disgusting things Men do: It was everywhere!

Right ladies. As we all know men can be disgusting, my Fiancé in particular is one of those and this is going to explain why. And please be aware this is very much a too much information post and may turn a few stomach’s.

Disgusting things Men do: It was everywhere!

I was sitting in the front room watching telly when I hear my Fiancé shout from the bathroom: “Darling. Can you come here please. Bit of a situation!” I think oh great what now. So I head over to the bathroom to see what’s up and he is standing over a very blocked nearly overfilling toilet. “Oh great!”

I try everything I can to un block it whilst trying to not throw up but it wouldn’t budge! So I turned round and said to my Fiance“I don’t know what else to do” He replies with “I have a idea. I am going to do another number 2 and it might unblock it and push it through.” I knew this was a bad idea but I just left him to it.

Hey he couldn’t make it any worse could he? OMG! There was water and poo everywhere! It was awful. So we got in the car and decided to drive to B&Q to get some tubing. Our theory was we could bend the tubing into a U shape and put it down the toilet to push it through.

After doing this for 45 minutes and realised it just wasn’t working he took it out cleaned it turned it around put it back in the toilet and blew through it (previous poo end first). Well it worked! Lol. But I had a lot of cleaning up to do and there was a distinctive smell of poo in the flat for weeks. MEN!

If you have any interesting and disgusting things to share that you or you Partner has done? Then feel free to share or why not write a blog about it. It will be kept anonymous.

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