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Dinner Date.?

By Cgajid @cgajid
We at VINCHI love helping out our loyal customers. We have recently been receiving various outfit-related questions in regards to what to wear to the different occasions most of you have coming up. We have therefore put together a quick outfit post for those of you who have dinner dates coming up ;-)., The trick is to stand out but not to go over the top. We love the lace detail on this dress. Also, you might not be aware of this but Gold and Blue look AMAZING when paired together, which is why we have chosen this particular clutch. Now as for the shoes, when in doubt, Go Black, Black goes with EVERYTHING.

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By allie
posted on 26 March at 03:29
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Where can I find this dress????

By Rae Alyssa
posted on 14 July at 18:50

Hi what brand is the dress???? I love it!