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Digressing on Chinese Fashion Bloggers & the Asian Couture Fashion Week

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
My sanity slowly leaving me whilst writing this post it might be slightly long, so pardon me for that or simply read it with a good cup of tea when at home.

I know, I know. You were expecting me to write a little bit more about Giovanna Battaglia's work but I won't. At least not yet. Bare in mind that my distinctive character trait is curiosity hence my multiple peregrinations on the net. Although I would like them not to be virtual, I have to put up with my situation : the one of a broke student. Many of you know that I am obssessed by everything regarding South Korea and Japan. But truth to be told the whole asian continent is fascinating me, don't you remember a certain post in which I told you about my current travel desires ? But let me repeat myself I AM A BROKE STUDENT. So how do I indulge my passion for traveling when I don't have a penny in my wallet ? For some time now, I have been reading fashion blogs written by witty bloggers. Well, witty bloggers can be find anywhere on this earth but few of them are to be compared with bloggers being of chinese descent. I could have cared less about their ethnicity if not for their mindset and their desire to make the world aware about China but in reality whole Asia is concerned. Despite the growing attention towards this continent, I don't think we are able to have a grasp of its culture, its treasures and above all the state of mind of its inhabitants. 

This year I read a book about the History of Korea and fortunately I could relate some events and its great heroes to some dramas (from the cheesiest to the most beautiful ones) I have watched. Who could have believed that my vapid hobby, for which I have a slight obssession, would have taught me so much ? Albeit my tiny knowledge acquired, whilst reading this book I realized I could not fully understand Korea if I didn't know China and Japan. And should I say that for most of the countries in Asia knowing at least about China is a basic requirement ? Because, according to me, not knowing China for an asian is like not knowing the Romans for a european.

And like most of the time I am almost off-topic, but beating around the bush is in my DNA, sorry to be French ! Now that I am getting a hold of myself let me tell you about Daniel Kong the man who spurred me to write this post. Not only a marketer and writer for magazines such as Monocle Magazine, Daniel is also a brilliant Hong Kong based blogger. His blog The Black Renaissance is everything fashion but not only since he also tackles topics such as food, design and art. Skimming through his website (until I turned blind) , I enjoyed his perspective inviting his readers to discover China and Asia through an array of diverse thematics. Hence the sharing of the video below.

Siam Paragon Asian Couture Fashion Week 2012 Fashion Forward from Karim Zehouane & Olivier Ronot on Vimeo.
I am aware I am guilty of knowing South East Asia only for sexual tourism, the ladies boys of Bangkok and the dreamy pictures posted by some fashion bloggers who went on vacations there. In all sincerity I wouldn't  have given the attention this part of Asia deserves if not for Daniel. And as far as my digressing went above I firmly believe that it is thanks to chinese bloggers like him we are able to perceive Asia (and not only China) differently, see its creativity.It is certainly not serependity we hear about Asia through chinese bloggers nor the fact that Franck Cintamani, the creator of the Asian Couture Fashion Week, is of Indonesian-chinese descent. China has a huge luxury market but most of its customers would rather buy from brands such as Louis Vuitton than buying from local designers. An initiative such as this one is definitely aimed to bring awareness outside Asia BUT I bet that it is also an attempt to give a local market to asian fashion designers. To put it blatlantly the ACFW is a very clever business move internationally and locally both for Asia AND China. Conclusion : When broke like me, visit The Black Renaissance or Sam Is Home
Any thoughts about the role of China in asian fashion industry ? 

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