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Difference Between Persuasive, Informative, Descriptive, Narrative and Expository Speech Writing

Posted on the 16 May 2017 by Lifecoachbloggers
Informative, Descriptive, Persuasive Narrative, and Expository Presentation Speech Topics Outline Good presentation topic is one of the top seven persuasive speech presentation elements. Before delivering an interesting sales presentation, the salesperson should be able to classify the presentation content, organize and structure it for it brings clarity. DRANCE mnemonic device for salespersons who'd like to recall presenatation speech examples
DRANCE mnemonic summarizes the presentation speech outline template that stands for:-Descriptive ReflectiveArgumentativeAuthoritative/persuasiveNarrativeCompare and contrastExpository

Descriptive Presentations

As the name suggests, while delivering a descriptive presentation speeech, the salesperson is expected to describe, depict, and illustrate the topic of discussion. speakers can express an idea by describing the motion, smell, space, sight, taste, and touch.(It can be recalled using MoST mnemonic) while drafting a descriptive sales presentation.
Some of the examples of descriptive topics include:How did my dad win the tennis tournament?My trip to Germany.My beautiful new house on a hill station.My outperforming business team.My role as a Team manager.Reflective Presentation Portrays Personal ReflectionReflective presentations usually have words, phrases and statements that have "I","Me" or "You". It tries to bring out the self of a person, outlines the personality, nature or character of a person.
Some sample reflective presentation topics include:Tell something about yourself.What are your hobbies and why are you passionate about it?What is your favorite tourist destination and why? Why should our organization hire you?

Argumentative Presentation Examples

Argumentative presentation are so common that even school children would be prompted to speak on these topics. Any speech that is controversial, opinionated, belief based and quarrelsome would fall in to this category.
Some examples of argumentative speech topics include:Chicken came first or the egg.God exists or not.Managers play a key role in the development any business organization than the team members.

Love marriage verses arranged marriage.

Authoritative or Persuasive Speech Examples Most business sales presentations are authoritative and persuasive. They convince a person to buy, agree, or accept a product, belief or a feeling.
Samples of authoritative or persuasive topics include:Switzerland is the tourist best spot of new married couples.Influencing salespeople are also great thinkers.Seat belt laws.Save environment, save nature.Rain water harvesting is one of the best ways to save water.

What is a Narrative Presentation?

Almost all story tellers are narrators. Narrative speeches clearly classify the topic into past, present and future. It relates the topic using chronological order of importance, describes history, illustrates ancient time, and connects it with present time and the future predictions.
Examples of narrative topics:Biography of Charles Dickens.History of Roman Empire.Evolution of architecture.Business project updates.

Compare and Contrast Presentation

Yet another common type of sales presentation where both the similarities and the differences are put side by side for evaluation, or judgment. Speakers bring compare and contrast speeches in two forms. One, listing all the similarities first and then showing the differences, or two, take one similarity and one difference at a time for explanation.
Example of compare and contrast topics include:Elucidate the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication skills.Compare and contrast between the present business policies with the last year.Show some of the similarities of a corporate business presentation and a college speech.Explain the similarities and differences between child learning and adult learning.

Expository Presentations with Examples

Almost all technical talks are expository. Expository is a kind of speech that defines, classifies, and labels a concept or an idea.
Sample expository topics include:Define electromagnetic radiation.Explain the principles of management.Classify different types of writing and define each type of writing using examples.Explain how business project management works.
Difference Between an Informative Speech and an Expository Speech:-
Simply put, an informative speech will have facts, details, and examples, It supports with evidences, proofs and data to support the speech. While, an expository speech defines an object, a thing, an entity, an idea or a concept by naming, classifying, labeling and terming it.
Salespersons must possess good memory skills is one of the vital skills besides having good hold on language and grammar skills. Mnemonic devices is one of the wonderful memorization techniques that can used to memorize vocabulary of a language, grammar rules, and writing techniques. DRANCE( "Drance" means drive and dance) is one such mnemonic device to recall the outline template of different types of presentation speech examples.

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