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Diet, Weightloss & Exercise | Fighting Fat #1

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
Diet, weightloss & exercise | Fighting fat #1
 Yeah yeah, I'm one of these "new year new me" plonkers!But on a serious note, I have gained far too much weight over the past few months.  & I'm the biggest I've been in a long time, starting to feel the strain on my favorite pair of stretchy jeans.. Not to mention the fear of looking unattractive to Creature has struck me like a double decker bus!SO something needs to be done. Pronto. I'm not a massive fan of the gym, I'm terrible at motivating myself, so instead I'm taking a little advice from a nutritionist on the tele - Genius.. Make a small change.I will be trying to change my eating habits. Far too much chocolate, crisps, bread & gregs pastys have touched my lips but now it's time to go cold turkey! I will be substituting my chocolate & crisps for fruit & nuts, and my pasties will now be ever so slightly healthier wraps.- A small change, but by cutting out a large portion of my sat fats & bread/pastry I'm hoping it'll be enough to kick start my 'diet' The one small change theory is something everyone can relate to. I will strive to climb the stairs to my flat atleast once each day instead of taking the lift, as well as giving the 30 day squat challenge a blast!  Although I may not like the gym, the need to loose weight for me is at an all time high as my self image hits an all time low. I'm more determined than ever to get in shape & sort myself out.___________________________________________ My Body StatsWeek 1: Age: 23Height: 5ft 1Weight: 10.5 stClothes size: 12Problem areas: Thighs, tum & arms Goal:Goal weight: 9.5 stoneClothes size: 10___________________________________________ My target is rather modest. I'd like to loose a stone, at the most a stone & half. To be down to a solid size 10 would be lovely too. But I understand this will take time & effort. I will also be switching up the exercise regime a little to include core work you can do in the comfort of your own home.  So if like me you're on this new year get fit kick, stop by each week for a little slice of motivation.I'll be giving weekly updates & pictures on my progress throughout the coming weeks and months. As well as bringing you tips & tricks that have helped or hindered my progress. Is 2014 your year to get fit and healthy? Bloglovin | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  Diet, weightloss & exercise | Fighting fat #1

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