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Diego Presents: Glorious Sleep

By Fashion Addicted Foodies @fashionfoodi

Diego Sleep MAIN FAFHey Ya,

How has your Summer started? Mine has been a very busy start. I am so very excited that the looong winter has passed and everything smells so good outside. Since the very first day of Spring I have been super-excited to go outside for my walkies. During the dark and rainy winter I sometimes tried to hide from my mommy when she wanted to take me out, but no more! I am always ready next to the front door and cannot wait to stick my nose outside to be blown away with the buffet of smells. Very exciting time for a little active Chihuahua like me! The only bummer is that I get so excited that after half an hour in the park I am completely exhausted. Then I just want to go home and indulge in one of my absolutely favorite pastimes – sleep.

Diego 2 FAF

During the day I like to lounge and spend some quality time on the sofa which has been strategically placed in front of the balcony windows and doors. This is a great location for three reasons. Number one – the sofa is old, soft and my butt sinks into a hole that generations have helped to develop. Secondly – the sunshine hits it in the perfect angle. Not too directly, but enough so that it’s all warm and comfy. Number three (the most important one) – if fast action is needed I can just shift from one side to another and boom – I can see what is going on in the backyard and in all the neighbours’ backyards as well. Excellent vantage point to a home security and protection provider like me!

Diego 3 FAF

On my fave sofa is the first fluffy blankie my mommy got me. I still love that blankie! My mommy says that is ‘a baby blankie’ from GAP. Even though I am a tough little doggie I do enjoy cuddling on, around and inside my fluffy ‘animal print’ blankie. It’s so soft and comfy – just what I look in a new bed.

Diego 6 FAF
I do like my zzz! Everybody does. There are three main things to make me (and even my human counterparts) feel good inside and outside: good and nutritious food, just enough exercise and plenty of good rest. That’s how I keep in a good shape. Dr. Charlie – whom mommy calls my Vet – says that I could not be in a better shape. It’s fab to feel good!

Diego 7 FAF

That’s me (above) doing my taco sleeping position.

Diego 5 FAF

I am off to my afternoon nap as I will have to stay up until 9pm tonight. I have to keep an eye on the ‘backyard fox’, because lately he has been up to no good in my neighbourhood! Remember that it’s important to get enough good sleep and you will have great summer!


Diego 4 FAF

Photos: Fashion Addicted Foodies

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