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Didier the Traveler and His Trip Experience in Indonesia

By Hendra @tukangminggat

Meet my fourth guest on the blog, Didier from Belgium. We met up at Labuan Bajo, Flores on a Komodo island tour. I, Didier and some friends really enjoyed  our three days vacation by knowing each other on a small boat, trekking on Komodo and Rinca island, and swimming with the Mantas.

So glad to have this little conversation to hear his experience when traveling in Indonesia



How do you know Indonesia?Looking for exotic places in SEA

What’s the trigger that makes you think, ok, let’s go to Indonesia!

Less touristic than Thailand and Vietnam

What’s the best memorable thing when traveling to Indonesia?

Gunung Ijen

How do you try to get used to “eating rice all the time” habit?

Switching to bakmie from time to time

Your fave local food in Indonesia?

Anything with sambal ! (Weww, congrats, you start to be an Indonesian!)

Having a bad experience when in Indonesia?

Beach in Labuan Bajo was dirty and squishy… Bali was over-touristic, not a lot of animals in Java. NOT EASY TO FIND BEER


What’s on your mind when some of locals enthusiastically wanted to take a picture with you

They might never have gone out of the country, so I’m always happy to share their moment and thell them more about Europe.


Intended to come back again?

YES (keep your word, ok, hehe, gonna wait for your second coming :D)

Which part of Indonesia that you really want to pay a visit next time?

Definitely willing to come back to check out Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi for their wildlife !

Try to memorize, what’s “Thank You” in Indonesia ?

Terimah kasi (spelling?) (CORRECT!! hehe)

How does traveling mean to you?

Meeting people and great places; disconnecting from work and the busy daily life

If you are given a chance, give me two names you’d like to travel with? And why?

Anyone with a private jet to hop the islands


In three words, what kind of traveler are you?

Backpacker beer freak.

How long do you need to pack?

3 days before travelling, 4 minutes when going back home

Backpack or suitcase?

Backpack obviously


Things which should always be brought on your backpack/suitcase?

Treats and/or postcards from home to leave to the people I meet + mosquito repellent

Bunk bed dorm or private room?

Dorm is fine if they’re not full of European fuckers


On airplane or overland?

Overland if there’s something to see along the way; flight otherwise

How about a crush when traveling?

Definitely had a few… Sometimes made it happen.

Never date a backpacker, what do you say?

A lot to share, but hard to leave each other to go back home

The most stupid thing you’ve done during traveling?

Landing in Indonesia without any cash at all, and realizing my credit cards and my phone were not working. (No kidding! why didn’t you tell me before?)

Quit a job, sell things and do RTW trip, what do you think?

Would definitely do if I could afford it.

Local superstitious, believe it or don’t give a fuck about it?

I usually don’t believe them but I love to play along as part of the local culture.


Do you collect certain souvenir when traveling?

Magnets to put on a metallic map I have at home; piece of art that I can carry back home (batik)

Any suggestion for newbie traveler?

Don’t ask yourself too much questions : book a ticket, grab a pair of shorts and flip-flops and fly away


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