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Did You Give Your Baby Bump a Name?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100598422 Did you give your baby bump a name?

It always gives me a warm feeling when I see mums to be have given their baby bumps a name; I always used the name “bump” with all of mine. I was not very creative.

It’s a beautiful feeling when your baby begins to move around inside of you and that special glow us pregnant mothers get (I never got it mind) is magical, pregnancy is an amazing time. Watching your baby squirm and wriggle around in there is rather scary, it looks like some alien trying to climb out at times.

Our bumps make great tables for resting our cup of tea upon and I certainly felt lost without mine once I had given birth.

To give your baby bump a name seems only natural; we talk about it enough during pregnancy we get sick of calling it and it.

A few myths about your baby bump;

  • Big bump, big baby, small bump, small baby
  • The boy-or-girl bump : Legend has it that if your baby is being carried low, you’re having a boy, and a high bump means that a girl is on the way
  • Hold a pendulum over the bump, and the direction it swings predicts the gender (the pendulum may be made from a wedding ring and string).
  • If the baby ‘tightens up’ in the bump, mom’s expecting a boy
  • The bump is shaped like a watermelon if there’s a girl inside, if you’re carrying more weight out front, it’s a boy

Did you give your baby bump a name?

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By Tara Tompson
posted on 05 March at 01:56

I used all these tricks on my baby bumps! I would call them by what their names would be when they were born. I loved the guesses people would make on the gender though so I waited until I was pretty far along!

Tara |