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Diarrhea Planet – I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Posted on the 22 August 2013 by Audiocred @audiocred

We’ve already established that Diarrhea Planet is the worst name for a band, possibly ever; this is especially true once you consider the band at hand. Their name may evoke certain unpleasant bodily functions, as well as a few mental images we wish we could take back, but Diarrhea Planet are actually pretty awesome. It’s no one’s fault but their own that we bring up their thoroughly gross moniker before discussing their music. On second thought, though, maybe that’s the point; could Diarrhea Planet really just be shitting with us? Diarrhea Planet Im Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams 300x300 Diarrhea Planet   Im Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

All bad puns aside, these unruly Nashville rockers have developed a reputation for their rollicking live shows, and already made friends in some weird places (Limp Bizkit, anyone?). The sextet’s latest release, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, puts Diarrhea Planet’s loud brand of sloppy pop-punk fun on full display. But while their music is often just as silly as their infantile name, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams shows Diarrhea Planet growing into full maturity.

Fueled by giant hooks and larger-than-life sounds– this is a band with four guitarists, after all– the tracks on I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams yearn longingly for both the glory days of grunge and the overwhelming power of 80s stadium rock. Weirdly (but wonderfully), Diarrhea Planet are a nostalgic blend of the music you grew up with in your Walkman headphones, and the music your too-tattooed uncle probably blared from the back of a beat-up van. Opener “Lite Dream,” with its hair-band title and screeching heavy metal introduction, is like piling into the back of a pick-up truck and zooming off into the night, full throttle.

But while most of I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams seems really fast and really fun, there’s lots more to be found beneath the surface. On “White Girls,” an unexpected disco-punk beat drives a sappy love song about broken hearts, loud radios, and a “drunken chorus of bros.” However, “The Sound of My Ceiling Fan” is a wistful tale about wasting your life away, its pretty ending bookmarked between careful, buzzing riffs. Best of all, “Kids” doesn’t just display Diarrhea Planet on their very best behavior, but also at their most grown-up. The track tackles adult issues like “burning bridges and having children” via crunchy guitars and soaring melodies, eventually begging the question, “Can we carry so much weight?” It’s one that we’ve all wondered the answer to at one time or another in our lives.

Undoubtedly, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams can become repetitive, but there’s depth to be found here, and you won’t even have dig too deep in order to find it. If nothing else, the album proves that just maybe, people might someday get over Diarrhea Planet’s truly crappy name, and focus on their music first.

barstar3 Diarrhea Planet   Im Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

3 / 5 bars

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