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Diabetes and Kidney Problems

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Health_news

diabetes and kidney problem

Diabetes or in common words “sugar disease” is considered as a silent killer. This problem attacks on various organs of the body reducing their functioning slowly and gradually. Thus, people suffering from diabetes need to control their sugar and follow diet suggested by their doctor. In case of uncontrolled diabetes, a patient may suffer from a variety of problems, kidney troubles is one of them. Doctors outline a well structured treatment plan for blood sugar patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes. If this problem is managed well, the risk of getting afflicted from kidney troubles reduces considerably.

Following this regimen religiously allows patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes to continue living a healthy and long life. Any deviation from this path can lead to sudden and serious kidney troubles cropping up. A study was published in JASN or the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology that stated that uncontrolled diabetes allows kidney problems to occur that in turn results in premature death. This clearly proves that for the treatment and prevention of kidney problems perceived in Type 2 diabetes patients, there are a lot of significant implications.

As part of this study, 15,046 US adults were considered and their 10 yr mortality rates checked. The results of the study clearly depicted serious kidney troubles.

  •  9.4% individuals without diabetes, and
  • 42.3% of all people diagnosed with diabetes.

Findings of the study showed

  • 7.7 percent 10 year mortality rate was seen in people not suffering with diabetes or end-stage renal failure.
  • 11.5 percent mortality rate was seen in people suffering from diabetes but did not show any end-stage renal failure, the mortality rate was 11.5%.
  • 31.1 percent mortality rate was seen among the subjects of the study who suffered from both, diabetes as well as end-stage renal failure.

One of the researchers of the team, Dr Afkarian said that people suffering from Type 2 diabetes are more at risk for mortality or cardiovascular diseases. Thus, presence of kidney disease was also expected to be a part of mortality rate that is associated with Type 2 diabetes if not in majority. It was found in the study that kidney disease proved to be a powerful premature death predictor.

When people suffering from diabetes experience a raised level of glucose or blood sugar, certain chemicals also increases inside the kidney. These chemicals are responsible for making glomeruli leakier than ever allowing albumin to pass into the urine. Additionally, the raise level of blood glucose can also result in some proteins in the glomeruli getting linked together. These proteins that are cross linked are responsible for triggering localised scarring process. This process is also referred to as glomerulosclerosis. This condition develops in several years in people who are suffering from diabetes. Slowly and gradually, the situation worsens further and the scarred tissue replaces healthy tissues of the kidney. This deteriorates the functioning of the kidney in a gradual manner and their task of filtering blood reduces considerably. This is also referred to as “kidney failure” in layman’s term or end stage kidney failure.

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