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#DGPS & the Gay Les Miserables

By Ashleylister @ashleylister

 collated by Ashley Lister
Collated from Tweets and FaceBook messages directed to the #DGPS hashtag on January 4th, on the night of the Dead Good Poet's first 2013 Open Mic event.
#DGPSDead Good Poets poetry Twitter experiment Twitter really irritates me. The Landline goes quite often enough with sales calls. No thanks. Weeding out a Jedi poem and being scay-ud and nerrfuss wolfie [hides behind my tiny tail]And he hit him with a shovel.There can be only one! What the chuff?A combination of the eclectic and the insaneHoward and his Zumba Prayer. Comic genius. Ithink I am a Dead Good Poet, therefore I am a Dead Good Poet. Brilliant!A mile is a long walk but only takes a short while when accompanied by a smile Apparently I’m getting off on knowledge. Nice to know. Chicken dinner - the not suitable for vegan poem A good night’s poetry – January 4th / No. 5 Café.Back at the No. 5 on Friday February first. See you then.

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