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Dexter 6x09: Get Geller

Posted on the 28 November 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Dexter 6x09: Get Geller

Original Air Date: 27 November 2011

Storyline: Dexter tries to stay one step ahead of the Homicide Division concerning the Doomsday Killers, while he finds help from an unlikely source; Debra uncovers something unexpected about herself during her therapy sessions.Best Quote:

Harry: This has become very important to you, killing Travis' Dark Passenger.
Dexter: Yes. 
Harry: I would have done anything for a chance to get rid of yours.
Dexter: I'm not sure you even tried. You just refocused it.

Review: Dexter's efforts to "get Gellar" made the object of this episode, one that went down a very predictable path. Who had "Gellar is dead" in out office bet? That guy will get a free coffee tomorrow morning.

I was actually reluctant to go there, despite all the signs telling me that Gellar was only in Travis' head, much like Harry is in Dexter's. I though that would be way too foreseeable for a show like this one, known for its originality. But this "I see dead people" is starting to really bug me. Of all the possible ways the Doomsday Killings would end, having Marshall work alone and receive advice from his long dead professor was the most boring choice the writers could have made. This was in no way a shocker.
Nevertheless, up until that point and ignoring all the alarm signs pointing towards the predictable end, I enjoyed Dexter's chase. It's not often that he finds himself outwit by a guy you wouldn't otherwise consider all that smart. 
Dexter's determination to rid Travis of his Dark Passenger in hopes of maybe being able to control his own eventually didn't come as a surprise either. What did was his belief that Harry has not been quite the best father he could have been, and having him as an example, Dex wants to be able to be a better father for Harrison. It seems like, no matter how many times he goes around it, his son is still the main focus of his life. This is actually something I don't mind seeing him rediscover over and over again. And I'm glad Brother Sam was only mentioned once and without too much emphasis.
Deb's own emotional issues were explored more in depth and she may have just found out what we knew ever since she fell in love with Rudy/Brian: that she is the one choosing her partners, she'n not the one being chosen by the least suitable ones. The origin of that is not hard to determine: concentrated on his psychopath of a son, Harry didn't really have time for his daughter, even if she was his, while Dexter was adopted. Poor Harry, in just one episode, both his children realized he wasn't the best father in the world.
Some other stuff also quite predictable: Louis being a collector of serial killers' memorabilia. I don't know how Masuka chooses his interns, but they're all tailored after him; not entirely sane, that is. The chief being the guy in the room with the dead prostitute. Didn't I just call that last week? Man, I'm either getting good at this or this show is really bad in delivering surprises.
There was also the funny element of Quinn sleeping with... well, any way I'd put it, it would be insulting to the poor woman and I just don't want to do that. Bud admit it, that was hilarious! Maybe this will act as a wake-up call, though I said that after last week's episode as well.
I will admit that, despite the not so surprising end being disappointing, I'm still looking forward to see how things end up with Travis and Dexter. And I still hope there's more to this season than the really bad writing and the lack of suspense. Dexter 6x08: Sin of Omission Back to Season 6

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