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Dexter 6x07: Nebraska

Posted on the 27 November 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Dexter 6x07: Nebraska

Original Air Date: 13 November 2011

Storyline: Having avenged Brother Sam's death, Dexter gets some bad news from Deb - it appears the Trinity Killer has returned to kill his wife and daughter, leaving his son Jonah as the only survivor. Dexter know that Trinity is lying in pieces at the bottom of the ocean and immediately suspects that Jonah may have taken over where his father left off, so he sets off for Nebraska to confront him. Back in Miami, the team gets a significant lead when they locate the girl Travis released. But with Dexter unavailable, the squad are missing a key expert to analyze what they've found. Best Quote:

Brian: When you 86ed Trinity, you gave Jonah the perfect alibi to get away with murder. I know how much you hate it when people get away with murder. Everyone, that is, except for you.
Dexter: So I'm a little, what, responsible for this happening?
Brian: Your life is nothing but responsibility. Look around, Dexter. Look at your life! Sippy cups, poopy diapers, baby monitors! You've been domesticated! Come on, Dexter. When was the last time you had fun?

Review: "Nebraska" is a self-discovery journey - another one! - for Dexter, who found his brother again after taking revenge on Brother Sam's death and wandered back on the dark side for a while, just enough to take a road trip to a small corn town when Trinity seemingly resurfaced.

After seeing the promo to this episode, I was somewhat excited about bringing Trinity back. From the long series of antagonists, he was the one who had most in common with Dexter and also the most entertaining one. It was natural to bring him back right after "Biney" came to haunt his brother in the form of the devil sitting on one shoulder and whispering into Dex' mind that his domestic life is not for him.
Embracing his Dark Passenger completely has always been a possibility, ever since the beginning of this show. So far, Dexter has been able to respect Harry's code and not kill anyone who didn't deserve it, but there's always this question in the air, what would happen if he would kill an innocent at some point? The show, despite its dark theme and constantly playing with the morality line, has always portrayed its main character as some kind of superhero. I know I may be going too far in saying this, but think about it for a second... how is Dexter different than Daredevil, for example? They're both vigilantes with some kind of superpower (Dexter's being science).
Having all this in mind, I find myself I'm disappointed whenever he tries to take a dive and try out being completely amoral for a while, but always returns to Harry's code - his own light at the end of the tunnel. I just wish he'd stay on the dark side for more than just a road trip to Kearney, Nebraska, especially with the endless possibilities of having Brian back in his head. But Brian is gone again and we're back to wondering how would things have been like would he have stayed for a while longer.
There wasn't much action on the DDK front except for Masuka's intern developing a program that would sort through all of Geller's 2400 male students to come up with a shorter list of possibilities for Miami Metro to look into. With Dexter on the path of discovery, everything he left behind seemed just boring. I wasn't impressed with Deb's power struggle with LaGuerta and even less with finally reaching closure on her breakup with Quinn. But maybe Quinn can put all that behind him now and actually do his job without sleeping with every person of interest in the DDK case.
As for Gellar, he found himself alone, after Travis suddenly decided he has free will and can make his own decisions. I'm always amazed at the number of people so caught up in religion that they forget God is not a puppet master. But will the professor actually leave Travis alone? After all, he knows everything he's done and could easily put an end to his delusion. But the preview for next week shows us Miami Metro zeroing in on Marshall, so let's wait to see what will happen next.Dexter 6x06: Just Let Go Back to Season 6

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