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Dexter 6x05: The Angel of Death

Posted on the 31 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Dexter 6x05: The Angel of Death

Original Air Date: 30 October 2011

Storyline: Dexter finds Travis Marshall and discovers that he was a former student of Gellar's, but when confronting him, he finds out he may have the wrong person. Batista and Quinn meet Gellar's former TA. Debra's new job takes an emotional toll and makes her reevaluate her life.Best Quote:

Anderson: Took you all of 15 seconds to solve that.
Dexter: It was a pretty easy one.
Anderson: Hey, how the hell does a pro like you stand working with the rest of these Miami Homicide chuckleheads?
Dexter: Well, they're actually pretty good, especially my sister Deb. You probably know her as Lieutenant Morgan.

Review: The more we approach the middle of this season, the more random the episodes look like. It's just a feeling, I can't really explain it. Yes, we have a serial killer who uses religion to justify his need to take human lives, but other than that, the show isn't really getting a grip on things. Plus, there aren't as many of Dexter's victims as I'd like and the entire theme of the season irks me. No way is it believable for Dex to become close friends with brother Sam.

The only good thing this week was the absence of LaGuerta. I swear, there's only so much of her I can take before turning into a Bay Butcher myself! Otherwise, most of the events - those unrelated to Dexter's hunt for Travis - were pretty much random. For example, why did they have to introduce the murder/suicide just to get Deb to find her own place? Aren't there any houses left in Miami? (To be fair, that case did feature Dexter standing up for the department and for his sister and that was fun, especially since I'm not particularly crushing on Anderson right now.)
As for Dexter letting Travis go, the whole thing screamed out of character. He's not one to get reckless and let a victim see him or hear him simply because the guy didn't kill anyone. Travis may be a tool, but he's an accomplice nonetheless. 
But the most irritating thing is seeing Dexter involved in the entire religious nonsense with brother Sam. I'm all for character development over time, people change slightly over the years and it's obvious that Dexter did to, but this is taking it a step too far.
Most of the other events - Quinn sleeping with a possible suspect or even witness, the entire Ice Truck killer arc, Debra's meltdown - didn't manage to get me involved in the characters' stories and the entire episode felt chaotic ans slow at the same time.
There were a couple of highlights though, like Dexter's reaction to seeing his sister and Jamie fight ("Would it be weird if I just left?") and Lorena, ummm... Mariana Klaveno's appearance, so I won't go as far as say that this week's installment was a total bust, but there's a desperate need for things to pick up the pace, otherwise we'll die of boredom quicker than it would take Dexter to figure out a murder/suicide.Dexter 6x04: A Horse of a Different Color Back to Season 6

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