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Dexter 6x02: Once Upon a Time...

Posted on the 10 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Dexter 6x02: Once Upon a Time...

Original Air Date: 9 October 2011

Storyline: In order to solve the mysterious murders, Homicide asks for the help of Brother Sam, whom Dexter knows used to be a serial killer, but seems to be a completely different man now. Debra struggles with Quinn's proposal, while having to decide what to do about her future as a cop as well.Best Quote:

Debra: Two beers in, and it still sounds fucking weird. I can't do this. And it totally dicks Batista. What could Matthews possibly be thinking?
Dexter: That you're smart, you're driven, you're a great detective. Who'll be leading the department that may hunt me down one day.

Review: As much as I love this show. The strong religious theme is already driving me crazy. I can get behind the religious fanatic serial killers, but this doesn't have to be extended to every little aspect of the show. Nevertheless, Dexter still goes on strong and is one of the best TV series out there.

Continuing the path started in the season premiere, the episode still follows Dexter as he tries to figure out how to raise Harrison without passing on to him his Dark Passenger. As his son starts to figure out his father's secrets, it will become harder and harder to hide who he really is from him. One of the best things of this show is Dexter trying to reconcile his family and job with his extra-curricular activities and seeing him with his son is a real delight. I just wish the whole religious aspect is left more in the background. I don't believe that all children need to be raised to believe in God. While everyone has a right to chose his or her own path and what they believe in, I see more value to being raised as an agnostic and discovering religion when one is capable of thoroughly understanding what it is about than being educated in faith but being unable to really understand what is all means (see Angel's inability to explain to Dexter why faith is important).
The episode also focuses on Debra, who is a little bit damaged herself. We've followed her for five seasons go from a Vice cop to becoming a Miami hero after being involved in the restaurant shootout, but on a personal level, she's still unable to commit. Her reaction to Quinn's proposal did not come as a surprise. Deb is not the marrying kind and she scares easily when being put in a tight spot on a personal level. She's also unable to do more than one job at a time and being named lieutenant to replace LaGuerta and take on the fiance role was more than she could have handled. Her conversation with Dexter was very insightful by revealing that she needs a role model in order to do her job (this showing how insecure she really is despite her tough appearance) and making it farther in her career than her father had ever did was a scary thought, because she didn't have anyone to compare herself to.  
As for Travis and Gellar, their mission continues and Dexter's path should soon be crossing theirs. Both Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos make for good villains of the alpha-subordinate type but I'm wondering if eventually Travis won't rebel against his teacher, especially since Gellar is determined to go after Travis' sister.
I can hardly wait to see how this story unfolds, but in the meantime I find myself replaying Dexter's scenes with his son over and over again. Dexter 6x01: Those Kinds of Things Back to Season 6

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