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Devendra Banhart – “Never Seen Such Good Things”

Posted on the 25 January 2013 by Audiocred @audiocred

2013DevendraBanhartPress210113  Devendra Banhart   Never Seen Such Good Things

“Never Seen Such Good Things” starts with the thud of a bass that could just as easily be a door slamming on Devendra Banhart’s former life as a folk musician. Following a sensuous bassline’s opening notes through to a catchy guitar riff and immaculate acoustic strumming, “Good Things” is not to be mistaken for a guitar song, and Banhart’s acoustics take backseat to aquatic swells, synthesizers, and a scuzzy snare beat.

Banhart’s singing should get the most credit on “Good Things”; goofy, love-weary lyrics are given intimate and comfortable service, and Banhart seems confident enough in his voice to quiet a room without singing above a whisper. The almost quizzical delivery on “Never Seen Such Good Things” is utter coffeehouse bliss.

Though I’ve been familiar with Banhart’s music since 2005′s Cripple Crow, it wasn’t until I saw him this fall, performing a set of seemingly improvised vocalizations with only a double bassist as a backing band, that I was finally and utterly won over. Banhart exudes a grace and humor that is absent from a lot of contemporary artists, and “Never Seen Such Good Things” is the musical embodiment of his natural elegance.

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