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Design Your Dream Engagement Ring – YOURSELF!!!

By Macrogers

Life is a memoire made of many beautiful memories knit together. The journey of life has few special moments that are more exciting and beautiful compared to others. One among them is when two souls decide to be united for their entire life through the nuptial bonds. With this comes the beautiful opportunity to select the symbol of your special moment – engagement, reminiscence for lifetime, which becomes all the more exciting, if you design your own engagement ring.

It is an easier task to design and customise your diamond engagement ring. The present day witnesses people looking forward to creative and innovative ideas to express their love and dedication. Though an engagement ring is a traditional symbol of expressing your love, designing it personally adds an affectionate twit to the expression. Also, personally designed engagement ring has an air of uniqueness about itself, befitting her personality well.

Of course you may have thought about designing your own engagement ring, but must have declined away thinking ‘I’m not a jeweler. I can’t custom design my engagement ring’. But to prove you wrong, here’s the good news. You need not be a proficient expert to design a beautiful and exquisite engagement ring for your sweetheart. All you should be able to do is select and put together the right elements to create the perfect affordable diamond engagement ring. The right ring setting complementing the apt loose diamond and your ring is ready.

Design Your Dream Engagement Ring – YOURSELF!!!

Simple steps to design your own engagement ring are as follows:

1.   Select the Right Loose Diamond

When looking for the solitaire of your engagement ring, you’ll come across an array of loose diamonds to choose from. Loose diamonds are available in various shapes and sizes. Your search for the solitaire is made easier by filtering the criteria based on factors like cut, color, clarity and cut weight according to your preference. Also you can filter your search by basing it upon affordable prices within your budget, without burning a hole in your pocket.

2.   Choose the Apt Setting

Once the ideal diamond solitaire is found then comes the step of choosing the corresponding ring setting. Numerous setting styles like Channel set; Prong Set, Pavé set; Bezel set etc are available to select from. Also you get a choice of precious metal like platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver etc.

Tip: If you prefer a simple yet elegant solitaire engagement ring, its best to choose prong setting be it four or six prong set-up to safely secure the gemstone on the ring.

3.   Beautify with Diamond Accents

Your simple and beautiful engagement ring is almost ready. But you can add more sparkle to your dream ring with the help of diamond accents. Diamond accents when used as sidestones add a superfluous finishing touch of classiness and style to the simple ring and enhance the beauty of the solitaire further. Your custom designed token of love becomes distinct and unique due to the placing of diamond accents around the solitaire stone in various patterns.

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