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Denzel Washington In ‘The N***a They Couldn’t Kill’

Posted on the 08 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright
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Academy Award winner, Denzel Washington shares some sage advice (which, hopefully won’t be lost on the new heads) about a role he was offered when he first started making films. Even though, he was a newcomer on the scene – even then, Washington had enough self-assurance to know what he wanted out of his movie career.

Of course, it was also nice that he had fellow Academy Award winner, Sidney Poitier on speed dial to help reassure Washington when it came to declining a 600K movie offer.

I won’t waste time explaining the clip, Washington tells the story better and funnier than I ever will. What did I take away from it? No matter what you do, how you put yourself across is how others will treat you. Always put your best interests first, never sell yourself short to make a quick buck especially when it comes to your personal brand and reputation. Listen up, young heads – Washington is waxing poetics for y’all.


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