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By Parentalparody @parental_parody


I found this post it note on #1Hubby's 'junk pile of really important stuff that can't be put away or thrown out but may never be used again'....AKA, the Shit Pile.

Kelly Slater is now advertising Chia Pod's.  #1Hubby saw the ad on TV and immediately decided he must have them. He doesn't even know what Chia is.... He is convinced that he and Kelly Slater, surf god extraordinaire, are similar. And by similar I don't mean in surfing prowess. I mean in looks. His thought process on this is a simple one:
  1. They are both bald
  2. They both have olive skin
  3. They both have blue eyes.

Practically identical twins, separated at birth. I wish.  He wishes.  We both wish. But far be it from me to publicly bag my beloved online. Oops, too late. I present to you, the world's greatest non-surfer, #1Hubby, hanging 0.10 in the kitchen...
and the delectable, arguably the greatest surfer ever, Kelly Slater....
If I stand on the other side of the street they could almost pass for third cousins twice removed.  Almost. If he's Kelly Slater, I am Agenlina Jolie's better looking but slightly larger sister. True story.

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