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Delivery of Food Course

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

Delivery of Food Course

Within 10-20 minutes of placing the order for the first course,the food should arrive at the table.It is the waiter's responsibility to determine how the current business volume is affecting the kitchen.

If there are any delays,check with kitchen expediter immediately and notify front of the house manager to check with table if necessary.

Correct table numbers and positions numbers are a must.

Orders should arrive correctly and completely at tables.

Servers must immediately check with guests when food arrives to ensure that guests have all that they need.That includes silver ware,freshly ground pepper, etc.

Restaurant guests should never have to flag staff down to ask for something.

Presentation of food is critical to the dining experience at the restaurant.Everyone is responsible for working as team in running and properly delivering food to tables.

It is your responsibility to know table numbers,position numbers and the names of all menu items to effectively present food at tables.

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