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Delightful Gifts!

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

The holidays are upon us.  The crazy shopping days have past and you are sitting there saying… “I’m forgetting something”… or… “I need to get something special for so-in-so”.  Well… look no further.  These are all great gifts for that special someone… or heck… for yourself!  I mean why not get yourself a little something!  And in keeping with this weeks theme of DELIGHT… here you go:

Delightful Gifts!
Betsy Henry, the Zen Mama herself has a couple of great gifts for this holiday season.  Actually, for any time of the year!!!

HOW TO BE A ZEN MAMA is a book with 13 tips on how to stop worrying, let go and be closer to your kids. At the end of each chapter is a “Zen Mama Master” story to illustrate the chapter. THE BOOK

Delightful Gifts!
OF QUOTES contains a collection of quotes through the ages to help you on your life’s journey.

“A treasure, surely to adorn many a bedside table, THE ZEN MAMA BOOK OF QUOTES showers the reader with nuggets of inspiration and sage advice. Truly an encouraging piece to motivate those seeking hope, guidance and timeless wisdom.”
*More information at Zen Mama’s Store HERE.
On a personal note… I’d highly recommend “How To Be A Zen-Mama” to parents!  Betsy’s Book of Quotes is something you will love to keep handy as well!

Delightful Gifts!
Jen Slayden loves life, music, and the pursuit of finding Harmony. She is pleased to share her first CD, titled Cellobies, for anyone who is looking for a bit of relaxation. 10 tracks of music, all arranged by her, and eight composed by her. The various instruments she plays are lovingly layered in the studio with the intention of infusing peace and harmony into your life. Perfect relaxation for ALL generations. A wonderful Holiday, Baby, or anytime gift. Gift wrapping options available, with whimsical designs and handmade cutouts made in Montana that can be also used as a hanging ornament. Click here to visit her site to see the various ordering options.  I have this CD and I absoluuuuuuutely adore it!

Delightful Gifts!

Affirmation Cards and gifts

Nancy Barry-Jansson is an incredible motivator and you can find many amazing, unique, inspirational, and motivational products on her Affirming Spirit website.  She has beautifully designed (by her!) affirmation cards, a meditation mentor program, and much more!  Oh!  Nancy also offers a free “6 Steps To Powerful Affirmations” eCourse here.  This is actually how I met her and I’ll tell you it was a great experience!  An amazing gift to give yourself!  (and it’s free!)

Delightful Gifts!
Angela Artemis is an intuition expert who believes that intuition is a natural ability we all possess. She shares simple techniques in her book, Navigating by Intuition: How To Follow The Signs, that anyone can use to access the wisdom and guidance of their intuition. And the best part is no practice is needed! Click here to buy the ebook for only $2.99.
*I’ve read this and I love it!  An amazing piece!

And of course, you can get my new book “Booyah! Spirit:  52 Ingredients For A Healthy Soul. Suffering is Optional”  OR my first book “Zensational Living” at a variety of places and formats (paperback and eFormats) – All links to all formats here. (Click on a title at that link for specifics)

Delightful Gifts!

For more great gifts that I recommend, click on the Gift Guide Link in the navigation bar above.

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