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Delecta and Diner Cafe's|Baby Back Ribs

By Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor
Delecta and Diner Cafe's|Baby Back Ribs
In my previous posts, I made mention about vising some restaurant in Iligan City and will try to give you a review. So, here is the first. Part of being clingy, I went out and walked through the streets of Iligan City with Lisa Marie Mirason|Pinay Travelista a few days ago. After getting tired, we found ourselves inside Delecta and Diner Cafe. I first visited this place during the MBS5 Tour with Mr. Alvin Gale Tan,, Explore Iligan 9200, and as usual We do not have the luxury of time to try their dishes at that time because we are set to tour Alvin around Iligan City. It was just in this event with Lisa Marie, that I had my first share of what Delecta and Diner Cafe has to offer to its patrons. 
Now, what makes it a good restaurant?
1. The Place. Look! this is how it looks inside the restaurant...Cozy right? and also clean! I really had enough fun with Pinay Travelista while having our early dinner. You know, conversations about life, while enjoying the food that we have in our table, but what most of our topic revolves around how can we eat all of the food that we ordered and are served to us. 

Delecta and Diner Cafe's|Baby Back Ribs

Second Floor of Delecta and Diner Cafe

2. The Service. As Pinay Travelista is a patronizer of the restaurant, we were given an excellent dining experienced. It was really fun how the waiter ask us, if we want an extra rice. Oh! they have unlimited rice! If you want to take the food out, you can have two cups of rice maximum with the dish you bought.

Delecta and Diner Cafe's|Baby Back Ribs

Ground Floor of Delecta and Diner Cafe

 3.The Food. As a first time diner, I did ask Pinay Travelista of what is the best in the house and according to her, I should try Baby Backs Ribs. Before I had my first bite of Delecta's bests, I choose to enjoy first the colorful and deliciously looking Garden Salad seasoned with vinaigrette. That was really a garden of colorful flavors!
Delecta and Diner Cafe's|Baby Back Ribs

 Actually, I ordered Baby Back Ribs! I've tasted Baby Back Ribs twice in another restaurant in Iligan City, but oh its too way far from Delecta's! If you are new and plan to dine out, I suggest you have to try this dish. I mean you really have to try it. Unlike other Baby Back Ribs recipes where in the middle of eating, you get to be feeling sick of the taste before you can have enough of it, Delecta's Baby Back Ribs is amazingly and incredibly tender and tasty. "Walang Umay!"
Delecta and Diner Cafe's|Baby Back Ribs

While Pinay Travelista took Sate Babi a deliciously marinated and grilled meat (pork). I really made a request from Pinay Travelista to have a little taste of it, which she gladly offered some of it to me. I will reserved a post about that in my next blog :)
To quenched our thirst, Lisa Marie gladly introduced me this colorful drink called "Delecta Coolers," which is really cool more than that I expect!
4. Cleanliness. Oh as you can see in the photo, cleanliness is well taken cared of.
5.Price of the Foods. For the perfect taste and a well cooked and well tenderized Baby Back Ribs, I believe I didn't waste my money over a deliciously made meal.
I had my first experience at Delecta and Diner Cafe, how about you? Care to tell me?

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