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Defining Vintage Fashion

By Cgajid @cgajid
We are just floating on cloud 9 today, which is ironic really as there are no clouds in the sky today! Doesn't the sun just generally put a smile on everyone's face :)
Anyways, we were thinking we've spent all this time filling you in on the latest gossip on the world of vintage, but we have failed to tell you about the definition of what is meant by Vintage Fashion?! We have failed you, please forgive us and let us fill you in....
For centuries and centuries individuals or societies have used clothes and accessories to create a form of communication to show their class, gender, occupation, sexual availability, loyalty and locality. For example, if you are going out on a girls night out and hoping for a bit of fun, you slip on your LBD and red stilettos :P this shows you are trying to communicate to the opposite sex that you are available, or you may just like to doll up anyway! But you get the idea :P Opposed to this, clothing as we said above can show your loyalty to a sect or movement. A example of these are religious garments, head pieces etc which shows that you are communicating to the public and raising their awareness to your beliefs and values- At Vinchi, we embrace every form of self expression and individuality whether it is a recognition shared by the collective or a breakaway from the norm- especially vintage :P
Fashion also gives us the ability to form an identity. If you were wearing high street brands or one-off pieces,  this is still an expression of individual identity and style. It can be from tattooed skin, to an ear piercing, the latest hairstlye and your clothing; all of these chromosomes form together to create your Fashion DNA: Your identity.
We have explored most concepts of fashion and have come up with our own little conclusion on what can only be described as the Life cycle of fashion:
Step 1: The Fashion is approved by others
Step 2: It is then copied due to competition
Step 3: It becomes replaced after it no longer ceases to fill its function of being 'fashionable' and distinctive
Step 4: Decades later it then becomes unique and individual to wear this previous fashion known as 'vintage'
That ladies, is our little definition of vintage clothing.
Keep posted to see what's hot in the No.1 vintage shop
Vinchi x

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